2003 Foster Kittens from the Oakland SPCA

We take care of kittens from the SPCA starting at a few weeks old.  If necessary, we teach them to eat, use the litter box, and be friendly with humans.  When the kittens reach two pounds they "graduate."  The SPCA then neuters the kittens and places them for adoption.  Our foster family has included:

max_and_ruby_med.jpg (100214 bytes) bart_samantha_hissy_snuggles_med.jpg (79247 bytes)
Max & Ruby
April 2003
Bart, Samantha, Hissy, & Snuggles
May 2003
clark_maxwell_chocmilk_squeaky_med.jpg (74133 bytes) clark_med.jpg (99832 bytes)
Clark, Maxwell, Chocolate Milk, & Squeaky
August 2003
Clark, the mild mannered kitten

romeo_rory_holly_and_med.jpg (82209 bytes)

Romeo, Rory, Holly & ??
October 2003


last updated 30 December 2003
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