2001 Foster Kittens from the Oakland SPCA

We take care of kittens from the SPCA starting at a few weeks old.  If necessary, we teach them to eat, use the litter box, and be friendly with humans.  When the kittens reach two pounds they "graduate."  The SPCA then neuters the kittens and places them for adoption.  Our foster family has included:

Red_in_a_Lamp_Shade.jpg (55251 bytes) Fluffy_and_Tiger.jpg (73476 bytes)
Red, Blue, Gray, Purple, and Leo (picture is Red, exploring a lamp shade)
June 2001
Fluffy (a soft cutie) & Tiger
July 2001
Velcro.jpg (68160 bytes) Al_at_3_wks.jpg (73286 bytes)
Velcro, who could jump our 2 foot high partition
August 2001
Al at 3 weeks old
August 2001

Legs.jpg (57362 bytes)

Toes_Tuffy_Tips_Al.jpg (60945 bytes)

September 2001

Toes, Tuffy, Tips, & Al
September 2001

Al_at_Graduation.jpg (256851 bytes)

Minnie_Moe.jpg (65274 bytes)

Al at two pounds and ready for graduation
October 2001

Minnie & Moe, our second partition jumper
December 2001


last updated 21 January 2002
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