March 2010

Greetings – we have moved!                                                

Last spring, recognizing we were now empty nesters, we took the first step towards downsizing and sold our large house. While we seek a smaller home, and decide where we want to live next, we are renting a house about three miles south. Selling was a strange experience; after over 11 years, this was the longest either of us had lived in one house.
Meanwhile, life continues with our family relatively quiet and the nation traumatic as we emerge from the great recession.

Paul, when asked for comments, volunteers that “Yoda [his cat] is innocent” – we find ourselves wondering “of what?” On a more serious note, Paul is actively seeking an information technology position in Seattle in this terrible job market. Between job applications and interviews, he has been keeping his computer farm working, resulting in a warm room, even in winter; his cat brushed, petted, and well loved; and continuing as a volunteer open source software developer. He is quite politically aware as an avid reader of online sources and watcher of Rachel Maddow.

Karen and Nigel are happily married and content in Los Angeles. Karen continues to enjoy teaching high school physics. They love living in the richness of the city; as strong foodies, and can be found Sunday mornings at Los Angeles’ largest farmer’s market. 

Helen retired as President of Oakland’s League of Women Voters at the end of June 2009. She settled down to a “quiet life” [Paul’s air quotes] for a few months; and then accepted a position on the board of the California state LWV. Her new responsibilities include the LWV’s involvement in the implementation of California’s citizen driven redistricting process and LWV positions on upcoming ballot measures including election day registration and voter ID. With many statewide meetings, she has become an expert on Skype. In her spare time, she misses her foster kittens and looks forward to again having a permanent home.

continues to seek boredom, his shorthand for a period of escape from life’s “must do’s list”. His growing passion for nature photography led to several short trips featuring baby robins, butterflies, otters, raccoons, Death Valley, and Yosemite. He moans that he is unsure what to do with all of the images, other than putting on the web ( He continues to do volunteer consulting for several not-for-profit organizations.

We will try to keep you better updated as we make our next move.

        Lee & Helen

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