March 2006

Happy late winter! 

Instead of the usual excuses for our tardiness (some perhaps true), we thank you for the news of your lives and would like to share a bit of ours.

2005 was a year of transition for us: Karen moved west, Paul spent his first summer away, Helen assumed a presidency, and Lee started a new job.

Paul is now totally engaged as a sophomore at Pomona College. A computer science major, he works random hours the information technology center and help desk. He spent last summer living on campus, cooking communally, working at the IT center, and with his friends taking advantage of his annual pass to Disneyland.

Karen completed two years of teaching physics at Saint Ann’s school in Brooklyn, and then moved to Los Angeles where she is teaching high school at Harvard Westlake. She spent a month during the summer touring Thailand, China and Japan with a close friend. Enjoying southern California warmth and outdoor activities, Karen has been surfing and paragliding.

Lee changed jobs and airports. His new companies are biotech start-ups in Boston. Having purchased a digital SLR, he now spends his limited free time in search of the perfect sunset. Pursing his dream of retiring, he has begun by moving to a four day work week.

Helen moved from busy to busier. She continues as chair of our church’s building committee managing a $1.5 million earthquake retrofit and remodel. In June, she became president of the League of Women Voters of Oakland. In her honor (?), Arnold arranged for as special election fall election to keep Helen extra busy. She continues as a foster parent for kittens from the local SPCA. And she was the public representative on the committee to select new touch panel, verifiable voting equipment for Alameda County.

Family: Helen & Lee toured the spring wild flowers in Death Valley, the muddy river of Zion, and the snow of Bryce. Helen will never forgive Lee for the “death march” all day trek through the hoodoos of Bryce, tramping on narrow, snow covered ledges.

Helen and Paul attended a Hutchison family reunion near Bar Harbor, Maine. Lee, suppose to attend, stayed home to mediate the repair of leaks in our front porch.

Instead of composing this letter at Christmas, the four of us spent a delightful 10 days on the big island of Hawaii. We split our time between the sunshine beach of the western desert, and the rain forest and volcano.

As empty nesters, we have empty bedrooms. We would love to have you stay with us if your travels bring you to the San Francisco area.

Yours in peace,

    Lee & Helen


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